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  • The uranium ore is found in the mineralized zone of the Singhbhum Shear zone which is about 160 km in length and 1 to 10 km in width in the East & West Singhbhum Districts of Jharkhand. The rocks in the zone are highly folded and sheared. Uranium bearing minerals occur in very finely disseminated form. The ore lenses are hosted in metamorphic rocks of Proterozoic age.

  • Jaduguda Mine has the distinction of being the first Uranium Mine of the country where mining operations began in 1967. The commissioning of its shaft with tower mounted Friction Winders marked a technical milestone for India’s mining industry. The mine is accessed by a 5 metres diameter vertical shaft with a total depth of 640 metres. The shaft is throughout concrete lined and has a cage and a skip with their counterweights. The cage accommodates 50 persons and the skip has a capacity of hoisting 5 tons of ore at a time. This shaft is also the main ventilation intake, besides, it has service lines such as compressed air and water pipe lines, communication and power cables etc. The present shaft caters upto a depth of 555 metres and an auxiliary shaft upto 905 meters with the latest friction winders has also been commissioned to mine deeper levels. The mine is well ventilated by boundary ventilation layout. Horizontal cut and fill method is followed for stoping. Deslimed mill tailings is used as back fill. Grade control and identification of ore in the mine are carried out by using Geiger Muller counters and Scintillating Probes. The ore is transferred to the adjacent process plant by a conveyor. Jaduguda Mine has created a large skill base for the mining industry in general and uranium mining in particular.